Intergration of DeepPath-LYDIA in Sectra Digital Pathology Solution

We are happy to announce that we completed our integration of DeepPath-LYDIA in the Sectra Digital Pathology solution. We are particularly excited as DeepPath-LYDIA is the first lymph-node metastasis detection solution to be officially featured in Sectra Amplifier Marketplace for Digital Pathology.

About DeepPath-LYDIA

DeepPath-LYDIA is a CE-Marked AI-powered decision support system for metastasis detection on H&E stained Lymph Node slides from patients with breast, colon and lung cancer as well as melanoma. The system detects tumor hotspots with high sensitivity and presents them to histopathologists, enabling them to perform their diagnosis faster and with greater accuracy. DeepPath-LYDIA works 100% in the background and is fully integrated into the Sectra solution. As such the histopathologist does not need to use many different software applications and navigate to multiple windows, which compromises workflow efficiency. For more information, please visit DeepPath’s website.

About DeepPath

Our mission is to use AI to increase the accuracy and speed of diagnostic processes and deliver personalised care solutions for patients, thus prolonging their survival and improving their quality of life. For more information, visit DeepPath’s website.

About Sectra

With 30 years of innovation and more than 2,000 installations around the globe, Sectra is a leading imaging IT provider to health systems worldwide. Sectra offers a complete enterprise solution comprised of imaging modules (radiology, cardiology, pathology, orthopedics, and ophthalmology), and a robust VNA. For more information, visit Sectra’s website