Our Mission

DeepPath is a MedTech company based in the UK & Greece. Our mission is to use AI to increase the accuracy and speed of diagnostic processes and deliver personalised care solutions for patients, thus prolonging their survival and improving their quality of life. Our team of developers and machine learning experts continuously work hand-in-hand with experienced medical practitioners, to deliver AI tools with practical use in the clinic.

Lydia Heading

AI – Augmented Histopathology

Histopathology services are critical for the timely and accurate treatment of cancer patients. The thorough examination of stained tissue sections under the microscope by expert pathologists is time-consuming and in many cases complex. The digitalisation of tissue sections via Whole Slide Imaging infrastructure helps, but a lot of the bottlenecks remain. All around the world, cancer cases increase year-on-year while numbers of expert pathologists lag behind.

DeepPath developed DeepPath – LYDIA, an AI powered decision support system bearing a CE-Mark as of May-2022, to assist histopathologists in cancer staging of patients with breast, lung and colon cancer as well as melanoma (43% of total cancer incidence). This is achieved through sensitive and accurate identification of metastatic regions on digitised microscope slides of H&E stained lymph-nodes. The display of the detected regions to histopathologists greatly accelerates the diagnostic process, while at the same time ensures that no tumour hot-spots are missed. Learn more…