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DeepPath – LYDIA is an AI-powered decision support system for detecting metastases on digitised microscope slides of H&E stained Lymph Nodes. The system was CE-Marked in May 2022 as a Class I in-vitro diagnostic product as per IVDD.

Metastasis Without HeatmapHeatmap

DeepPath – LYDIA analyses Whole Slide Images (WSI) and generates probabilistic heatmaps of tumour presence.

Metastasis - Heatmap Segments

Segments are generated through a thresholding operation applied on those heatmaps. The segments outlining the tumour area are presented to the histopathologist for inspection.

High Performance across Multiple Cancer Types

A single sensitive and accurate AI-pipeline is trained to detect tumour hotspots from four different cancer types, namely breast, colon, lung and melanoma (expansion to additional types TBA). DeepPath – LYDIA processes a microscope slide digitised at 20X magnification or greater in less than 6.5 minutes with Sensitivity > 99% (macro & micro metastases at the tumor-segment-level) and a False Positive Rate of less than 4 False Positive tumor segments per Lymph Node, as measured on blind samples from different labs digitised on different scanners.

model performance

Decision Support that Accelerates Diagnosis

Lydia speed gain

Recent pilot runs have indicated that system utilisation accelerates the diagnostic process by up to 5 times ensuring at the same time that the number of missed metastatic lesions is minimised.

Flexible Deployment as per Client Requirements

DeepPath – LYDIA can be deployed either on the cloud or locally and currently supports Hamamatsu, 3D-Histech, Leica, Roche & Phillips (Tiff & iSYNTAX) WSI formats. Multiple digitised microscope slides are processed in parallel by specialised GPUs. As such, the system is scalable limited only by the number of available GPUs. Finally the system is offered either as standalone software (includes basic case management), or as an integrated component to third party Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS).

AI analysis
Spectra Amplifier Intergrator

DeepPath – LYDIA is available at the Sectra Amplifier Marketplace

Flexible Licensing 

licence logoTry LYDIA on your samples for free and if happy with the results we will provide options for:

  1. A yearly licence with unlimited users based on system usage as estimated from past data
  2. Our Pay as you Use scheme with a fixed cost per microscope slide analysed

Visit, request access and use DeepPath – LYDIA to analyse your images today! (Early-Access Discounts Apply)